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Unmatched professional navigation.
Rand ELD
Compliance made simple.
Rand DashCam
Capture every journey.
Rand Headset
165 years of navigational excellence.
Best accessories for our tech.

Designed and Built For Truckers

SafetyDirect is Rand McNally’s premium video-based truck safety platform.
Fleet Tracking
Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations.
Safety And Video
Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics.
Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance and get alerted to critical faults.
Driver Management
Organize drivers and track driver assignment.
Fleet Utilization​​
Get Insights into fleet performance and optimize resources.
Asset Tracking
Track equipment, trailers, and other key assets with dynamic location tracking.
Automation and Alerts
Build custom drag-and-drop alerts and platform automation without code.
Fuel Management
Track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs.
ELD and Compliance
Take control of fleet compliance with Rand ELD.

The Whole Fleet,
One Platform

Private Label
Custom fleet management platforms
to provide to your customers.
Data Services
Custom data services using rich
automotive data.
OEM Services

Hardware and Software builds for
OEM products.

Partner with Rand,
Launch new Products

Start Tracking Your Assets

From $6.99 A month

Know Where your assets are 24/7

Track equipment, trailers, and other key assets with dynamic location tracking.

  • Receive updated locations of your assets.
  • Review the complete movement history of your assets.
  • Receive alerts when assets arrive at pre-determined destinations. 

Prevent theft and protect your assets

Recover up to 99% of stolen vehicles, equipment, or other important assets.

  • Track stolen, misplaced, or working assets.
  • Support asset recovery efforts with location and history data.
  • Receive alerts when assets don’t arrive at key locations on time.

Know when your assets are on the move

Create custom geofences for areas important to your business and receive alerts when assets enter or exit those locations.

  • Receive alerts when your assets arrive at or depart from key location
  • Set automated tasks based ongeofence locations.
  • Get reports on asset runtime and workloads.

Actionable Insights that help reduce costs

Use customized reports on asset and equipment usage, project details, and more, to identify areas for cost savings.

  • Use customized reports to inform project timelines.
  • Easily share reports across the entire organization to increase transparency.
  • Up-to-the-minute asset location and utilization reports let you know which of your assets are under-utilized.

One Modern Platform for the whole fleet

Theres a device for every job

Battery Tracker

This battery-powered tracker will send one location ping every 12 hours when the asset is moving (once motion is detected), and one location ping every 24 hours when the asset is not moving. The device has a 5-year battery life.

Solar Battery Tracker

This IP69K weather-resistant tracker will send one location ping every 30 minutes when the asset is moving and one location ping every 24 hours when the asset is not moving. The device can operate up to 90 days between charges.

Wired Tracker

The wired tracker is suitable for constant location tracking. Visible on the Rand Platform, the device connects and supplies two-minute pings and runtime monitoring as a standard offering.

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