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SafetyDirect is Rand McNally’s premium video-based truck safety platform.
Fleet Tracking
Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations.
Safety And Video
Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics.
Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance and get alerted to critical faults.
Driver Management
Organize drivers and track driver assignment.
Fleet Utilization​​
Get Insights into fleet performance and optimize resources.
Asset Tracking
Track equipment, trailers, and other key assets with dynamic location tracking.
Automation and Alerts
Build custom drag-and-drop alerts and platform automation without code.
Fuel Management
Track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs.
ELD and Compliance
Take control of fleet compliance with Rand ELD.

The Whole Fleet,
One Platform

Private Label
Custom fleet management platforms
to provide to your customers.
Data Services
Custom data services using rich
automotive data.
OEM Services

Hardware and Software builds for
OEM products.

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165 Year of Adventure

A century of navigation leadership, innovating in connected car software, fleet management

William Rand and Andrew McNally establish Rand McNally & Co. in Chicago, initially as a printing and publishing company.


Rand McNally releases its first map, the Railway Guide, which quickly gains popularity among travelers and establishes the company as a leading map producer.


The company publishes its first road atlas, providing comprehensive maps and directions for motorists, setting the stage for its future in navigation.


Rand McNally pioneers the use of lithographic printing for producing full-color maps, revolutionizing the quality and visual appeal of cartography.


Rand McNally expands its product offerings to include globes, atlases, educational materials, and aeronautical charts, solidifying its position as a trusted name in geographic information.


Rand McNally pioneered the development of the first handheld electronic distance calculator, known as the “Mileage-Maker.”


The company released the first “TripMaker” software, a groundbreaking tool that allowed users to plan routes and calculate mileage.


Rand McNally launched the first commercially available street navigation software, “StreetFinder,” revolutionizing GPS technology.


Rand McNally launched “Rand McNally Online,” an interactive website that provided users with access to maps, driving directions, travel planning tools, and other valuable resources. This online platform further expanded Rand McNally’s reach and made its mapping services accessible to a wider audience.


Rand McNally introduced the “RoadExplorer,” a portable GPS device designed specifically for truck drivers. With features like truck-specific routing, fuel stop information, and alerts for road restrictions, the RoadExplorer catered to the needs of the commercial trucking industry, helping drivers navigate efficiently and safely.


Rand McNally launched the “IntelliRoute TND” (Truck Navigation Device), an advanced GPS system tailored for professional truck drivers. This device provided real-time traffic updates, weather information, and truck-specific routing, optimizing efficiency and helping drivers avoid unnecessary delays.


Rand McNally unveiled the “OverDryve” connected-car device, combining GPS navigation with additional features such as voice assistance, hands-free calling, and music streaming. The OverDryve device integrated multiple functionalities into a single device, catering to the needs of tech-savvy drivers.


Rand McNally introduced the “ClearDryve” wireless headphones, featuring noise-canceling technology and built-in Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free calling. These headphones were designed to provide comfort and convenience for professional drivers on the road.


The company launched the “DriverConnect” platform, a comprehensive fleet management solution that included electronic logging devices (ELDs), real-time tracking, and performance monitoring. This platform helped commercial fleet operators enhance efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve overall operations.


Teleo, a private equity fund, acquires Rand McNally, inheriting multiple disparate platforms and increasing investment in research and development.


Rand McNally strategically acquires Fleetsu, expanding its capabilities in fleet management and solidifying its position in the industry.


Rand McNally undergoes a transformative shift, launching RandOne and transitioning the company into a technology software business, focused on providing innovative solutions for connected cars and advanced fleet management.


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