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Partner with Rand, Launch new Products

Rand McNally’s technology leads the way globally ​

From privately labeled platforms, to purpose built OEM solutions. Partner with Rand to build new revenue lines, tackle complex problems and delight your customers.

Private Label platforms

  • Use Rand Private Label to launch new revenue lines, add value to sales efforts and differentiate your offering to customers
  • Rand Partners receive a custom branded platform, hosted domain, enterprise level controls and dedicated support.
  • Use Rand Devices or provide your own

OEM Services

Partner with Rand to build innovative software and hardware offerings. Rand has extensive experience and partnerships with leading OEMs.

  • Software
    Rand works with OEMs to produce best in class fleet management and connected vehicle platforms. Build the right solution bespoke to your needs with Rand.
  • Hardware
    With deep design and manufacturing experience. Rand works with OEMs to produce onboard telematics and connected devices at scale.

Custom Data Services

Leverage Rand’s Platform and devices to build custom data services using rich automotive data.

  • Rand Platform’s features restful API first architecture – best in class API design for ease of use and compatibility
  • Extensive access to live fleet data sets
  • Realtime engine diagnostics
  • VIN decoding services
  • Custom vehicle data capture

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