Drag, Drop, Alert Sent.

Introducing Workflows on Rand Platform

Make the platform
work for you.

Workflows is a drag-and-drop builder for fleet alerts and automation. Designed for fleets with small teams, no code or IT teams needed.

Build Custom Alerts In Minutes

Get notifications for the things that matter most to your fleet, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

  • Build drag-and-drop alerts with no code.
  • Send alerts to recipients both on and off the platform.
  • Create SMS, email, and push notification alerts.
  • Create alerts for custom events including vehicle location, fault codes, and asset delivery.

Cut admin
tasks by 45%

Automate your admin

Save time by automating administrative tasks, like reporting and sharing reports, to focus on the tasks that really matter.

  • Build automation for any asset event or behavior.
  • Customize tasks and workflows to meet your specific business needs.
  • Easily share workflows and reports to increase efficiency and visibility across the organization.

Integrate your fleet Data with Ease

Automate your business with seamless data integration.

  • RESTful API first architecture makes for simple integration between our system and yours.
  • Consolidate fleet data with ERP, inventory, job management, and CRM systems.
  • Build custom dashboards with Power BI and other dashboard apps.

Explore all features

Rand Platform

Fleet tracking made simple

Fleet Utilization

Insights into fleet performance metrics for resource optimization

Automation and Alerts

Automated tasks and real-time alerts for streamlined fleet management


Proactive vehicle maintenance scheduling and fault alerts to minimize downtime

Safety and Video

Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics

Asset Tracking

Real-time location tracking and management for non-vehicle assets

Driver Management

Tools for driver assignment tracking and driver performance monitoring

Fuel Management

Tools to track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs

Fleet tracking

Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations

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