Fleet Tracking

On Rand platform

Real Time GPS Tracking Made simple

Track the whole fleet in one place on Rand Platform

  • Know where your assets are at all times.
  • Review their complete movement history.
  • Get alerts when assets enter and leave key locations.
  • Rich data points such as location, speed, heading, engine data.

Simple, reliable and modern GPS tracking.

Complete annotated
movement history

Know where your vehicles were at any point in time

  • Comprehensive trip reporting
  • Replay trips right over the map
  • Investigate incidents with engine data

Enhance your tracking with Geofences

Click, draw, done

  • Report on when your assets were at key locations.
  • Receive notifications based on fence interactions.
  • Automate asset details based on fence location.
  • Receive alerts when assets don’t make it to key locations in time.

Rich Automotive Data

Rand Platform automatically sorts and stores all your engine data, so its there if you need it

  • Quick access to speed, odometer, RPM and other engine parameters.
  • Automatic vehicle onboarding through VIN capture and decoding.
  • Non-standard engine data support.
  • Vehicle health monitoring and fault code detection.

Explore all features

Rand Platform

Fleet tracking made simple

Fleet Utilization

Insights into fleet performance metrics for resource optimization

Automation and Alerts

Automated tasks and real-time alerts for streamlined fleet management


Proactive vehicle maintenance scheduling and fault alerts to minimize downtime

Safety and Video

Boost fleet safety with safety monitoring and video telematics

Asset Tracking

Real-time location tracking and management for non-vehicle assets

Driver Management

Tools for driver assignment tracking and driver performance monitoring

Fuel Management

Tools to track fuel usage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce costs

Fleet tracking

Real-time monitoring and GPS tracking for efficient fleet operations

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